Welcome to "Creatures of Wrath", the opening chapter of my new illustration series - "Shadow Self". 

"Shadow Self" is a topic that I've been longing to create upon. I'm quite tired of the obsession of positive vibes and happiness in our society. A lot of people treat dark emotions like diseases, they forbid themselves even others to show any negative signs, almost feel like they are shouting "how dare of you not to be happy?!" But without the experience, acceptance and understanding of your own darkness, "happiness" is just a pale and favourless word.

Carl Jung ever wrote: "How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also If I am to be whole."

He also wrote:"Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people."

I started "Shadow Self" project in order to have a better understanding of myself and the world. I plan to explore deep inside my own shadow, and express my discoveries through my works.

The first dark monster I've encountered inside my own shadow is wrath. I laugh a lot, but I'm an angry person, no jokes. And the most effective anger management method for me is speed cycling with loud and strong music. And this is the background of "Creatures of Wrath".

These beautiful and fierce imaginative creatures are my best companions when I'm in rage. They emerge from the dark side of my mind, twine with the fast and heavy rhythms in my headphone, together we speed through the city with our burning anger. "F**k the world!", we roar, and yeah, we are one.

If you want to fully sink into the atmosphere of this work, you must listen to "Dance of Wrath" by Dark Model. It's stunning and it gave me great inspirations for creating the image you're watching here.

The end, may you have the courage to face your own shadow and yet smile through the pain. And I've already had a clear image of my next "Shadow Self" chapter, keep following me up. Thank you so much for viewing! 

新近完成的一幅作品。作為我的新插畫系列Shadow Self (影子自我)的開篇章節,這幅畫有著蠻牛的名字Creatures of Wrath,在我腦海裡最早浮現的中文名是"屠城盛怒"。

創作Shadow Self(影子自我)系列的初衷是想要表達人除了會開心喜悅外,也會有悲傷,憤怒,抑鬱,焦慮,羞愧,內疚等等的感受。這些都是很健康的情緒,不應被視為負面、不潔的, 需要用"開心"掩蓋和掃除的。人只有在能正常抒發內心真實感受的情況下,才會擁有健全的人格。快樂在沒有其他感受的映襯下,僅是一個蒼白無力的詞。

So amazing to see my work and my thoughts being featured on the 2020 June Issue of OX MAGAZINE!

Shadow Self - Chapter 1 - Creatures of Wrath