Recently my father is feeling under the weather. Since I came back from Amsterdam till just a week ago, me, my mom and my aunt everyday needed to spend long hours in the hospital to company my papa. Then was the moment that I realized the rock of my life would have shaky hands, would shed tears… Luckily he’s out of the hospital now and in a speedy recovery, we are all very happy about that.

I created this work because I feel like I’m watching my parents weathering away as I grow older. I’m scared, very scared, and I fear that I would be crushed by the weight which eventually will drop on me…

I really dislike visiting hospital, too much sadness, too much loneliness…Things I’ve seen there are so heavy that every time I think about them I feel like choking. But the experience from this time also enlightens me. I’ve learned that through difficult times, we are still allowed to smile and have fun without feeling guilty; I’ve also learned that no matter how many family members, friends, partners, colleagues that you have, or how much they love and care about you, there’re times and paths in your life that you have to walk completely alone, face the challenges all by yourself. No one can save you except yourself.

Written on 2019.09.26

In "Weathering", I want to express that: Father, he's always been the rock of my life, but he's also a normal human being. As he ages, he would have shaky hands, he would feel scared, and he would also shed tears. “Fatherhood”, same as “Parenthood”, they should be bidirectional. Take good care of your aging parents the same way they took care of you when you were young, that’s the best representation of “Fatherhood” and “Parenthood”.