The Trilogy of Society_ Part One_ Breeding Lab

“Breeding Lab” is the first part of my theme creation “The Trilogy of Society”. The rest two parts of this theme, including “The Machine” and “The Prison” will be finished in the coming months.

“Breeding Lab” is a bizarre work. It was created to ask this provoking question: Are we truly the fruits of love, or are we simply just productions of our society?

In “Breeding Lab”, human babies are produced from the tree of uterus inside of a snow globe shape laboratory, which is owned by the Society Corporation. The lab serves the great duty to keep our society machine running by providing it continuous new fuel to burn. Hundreds of thousands newborns were produced and flushed down the fuel pipeline every single day to fulfill that great duty. The newborns were told they were the future. They were promised hope, wealth, glory and power someday. They were allowed to dream big, because our materialistic society adores children and flatters the youth. But one day, on the path of growing up, our society stops adoring us, it starts to teach us to serve the “right” roles, do the “right” things at the “right” times, be realistic and not dreaming. Day by day, we will gradually burn out and get discarded like waste simply just by getting old.

Anyhow, as we are approaching the AI era, young population is not as golden as it used to be. Over population turns into a burden to our society, by then, we can’t even reach getting old to be discarded, when we were born, we already will be cast away through the waste outlet from the “Breeding Lab”.

Breeding Lab currently is shown on “STRANGER THAN FICTION” International Group Exhibition by LoosenArt Gallery in Rome, Italy.

So amazing to see my work being featured on the Oxford International Art Fair 2021 Report.