Boxes of life

“Boxes of life'' is one of my major art projects, and it probably would become a life working project for me too.

I try to use '‘boxes of life’' to describe: in our reality life, everyone lives in '‘boxes’'. Sweet or bitter, spacious or narrow, visible or invisible… no matter what kind of "boxes” we’re in, we all could feel the strong strength of them are around us, control us, limit us, sometimes even strangle us.

“Boxes” exist in many forms, same as the feelings they could bring to us. Sweet, bitter, comfort, pressure, hope or despair… Maybe we are satisfied with our current little “boxes”, or maybe most of the time, we are just struggling very hard to get out of them. But no matter how hard we try, the moment that we leaping out of this one, we’re just jumping right into another one.

Most of the finished stories of “boxes of life” are quite depressed, but actually you won’t feel their darkness just by a quick glance. Because most of the right parts are bright, vivid and warm, but together with the dark scenes and depressed text on the left, such strong contrast could express out a kind of intense darkness feeling. Of course, as I said before, “boxes of life” probably would become a life working project for me, so I probably would add in more positive stories in the future. After all, life must go on, isn’t it? Expressing depression is a way to relieve, but a positive heart is the key to keep living inside “boxes”.