I created this illustration for celebrating 2018 Year of the Dog. The calligraphy on my illustration means:

The beautiful vocalist is sweetly singing Goodbye to the Year of the Rooster, the lucky doggies are gathering together, celebrating the
arrival of the Year of the Dog, and wishing 2018 to be a prosperous year!
农历新年又近在咫尺咯!在此我以新创作的这幅年画给大家拜个早年。歌姬声声辞旧岁,旺福齐聚贺新春。祥鸡爆麦引吭,感恩鸡年所获所得; 旺犬齐聚祈愿,盼新春吉祥如意,幸福安康。祝大家狗年大吉!-2018.02.06

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Chinese New year is right around the corner :) There’s no better way to celebrate it than creating my own traditional picture(年畫) :D

As the Chinese characters said on this image, I hereby wish my dear family and friends, a healthy, happy and prosperous Monkey year 2016!