Earlier I was reviewing my old work "Sweet Halloween", created back in 2010. I was so fascinated by that idea, so I decided to bring out something new around it. Nothing to do with Halloween this time, "Split" the new work has everything to do with expressing the struggles of our Personality.

And you might notice this new drawing is quite different from my previous style. More details, more intriguing, oh well, at least to me :D I'm simply thinking that it's time to step up for something new and better, and I'm loving the result.

Hope you guys enjoy it as well :P ---2016

前一阵子万圣节让我回想起2010年自己创作的一幅旧作,叫"Sweet Halloween". 我很喜欢那幅作品背后的灵感,但当时作品完成的细节度对于现在的我来说已经过于粗糙。因而我决定画一幅表达人格挣扎的新作,命名为"Split"。"Split"不同于我过去创作的风格,她拥有更多的细节,更强烈的真实感,也更具吸引力,至少对于我个人来说,呵呵。

我喜欢自己新的尝试,出来的效果也让我很满意。希望大家也喜欢这副新作。(画作属于概念艺术,主题有可能并非老少皆宜) ---2016

Hooray!!! “Split” now is officially published on the Fall 2017 issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review magazine! Here’s the link:


I love using contrast to express deep emotions, and “Split” is this perfect example.

Bright almost white background, it should feel as pure as ice, yet you could taste the blood and terror. Soft almost feather like brushes, smooth skin and fabric, an innocent dull eyed girl; versus a cold and hard icicle, exposed flesh and bones, a terrifying black eyed demon. What do I want to express through such striking contrast?

Well, I’ve been through some pretty dark times, and I constantly struggle with anxiety, OCD, rage and depression. But people, even my family barely would notice that because I’m always this sweet and happy person in their eyes. I need to cover my true feelings up, because one time I let my raging beast slip out, it’s definitely not acceptable by my loving family. Since then, they prefer I keep my happy mask on, somehow it is easier though for everyone. But what’s underneath this smiling mask? I can see my numb and dull face just like this innocent girl on “Split”. But deep down, we can’t wait to let our raging, dark demons out, who would hurt no one else but only chewing ourselves up.

And this is what “Split” wants to tell, every single one of us has this darker side in heart. You might worship it, you might deny it, you might fear it, you might struggle with it; but it’s there, waiting and seeking the moments to expand and strike, hurting and consuming you until you want to seal it back in.