Structure of "The Trilogy of Society"

Breeding Lab

The Trilogy of Society – Part Two – The Machine

Hi, today I’m very excited to introduce you my newest artwork “The Machine”, second part of my theme “The Trilogy of Society”(TTOS). I’ve spent countless hours working on this beast, so glad it’s finally finished, and the outcome is quite satisfying.

“The Machine” touches many aspects of our society, including social values, environmental crisis, pollution, animal cruelty, slave labour, war, poverty and so on. As you can see, our society is extremely vulnerable. We are depending on that last tree to hold the balance of the whole structure, yet we are chopping it; we need a solid foundation to function properly, yet we are bombing it; we are wiping out other species and killing unnecessary lives, just so we can dump them away as garbage, meanwhile leaving the other side of the world rot to death from hunger and poverty; we need variety to feel alive, yet we allow the society to feed us these shallow formulas of success and happiness.

As a center piece of “TTOS" , "The Machine” connects “Breeding Lab” and “The Prison”(Last part of “TTOS”, it’s yet to come, big project as well). We, the productions of our society, the day we were produced, we were already flushed down the fuel pipeline to burn for our society’s monster engines. Till we are fully burnt out, we will be cast away through the waste pipeline like sewage, and shipped to a miserable prison call “old”.

“The Trilogy of Society” is my voice for the voiceless,the powerless, the hopeless. I want to use it to fight against the absurd, the violence and the inequalities. May it also raise your awareness, be the standing point for all of us to fight for a better future, a better society which has variety, equality, healthy environment, and respects for all living beings.

Considering the huge dimensions of this work, I will use 7 sections below to show this story in details. Also you can check out my Instagram account @momomengart to read through ideas behind each part of "The Machine". But if you want to feel the full impact of this work, come to my future exhibitions to see it in the flesh.

Okay, wrapping it up with Eddie Vedder’s song “Society”, “Society, have mercy on me, I hope you’re not angry if I disagree.”

Thank you for viewing.

The prints of “The Machine” are available to be ordered. If you’re interested, feel free to drop me a message :)

The Machine is featured in this beauty from Capsules Book, it's called the Curatorial Volume.2 Leaders in Contemporary Art. I' m so proud to be a featured artist in it standing among all these fabulous talents.

The Trilogy of Society - The Machine